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...I barely have time to eat, much less clean. I canít imagine not having them in my life...

Sandra, Chinatown

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Handy household hints

Want to clean like the pros do? Here are a few housecleaning secrets we’re happy to share.

Your shower

Glass shower doors

Start with a wet squeegee, followed by a scrub with lemon juice on a sponge. Do the same with baking soda and water, rinse and dry.   

Shower floor

An equal mix of white vinegar and water does the job. Rinse when through.  

Your bathtub

Put water and vinegar to work here, too, followed by a rinse.  

The toilet

Easy fixes for a tough job:

   1. Orange Juice

 Pour three teaspoons of orange juice into the bowl. Wait, then scrub.  

   2. Cola

Empty a bottle of cola into the bowl. Wait for 15 minutes, then flush. 

   3. Vitamin C tablets

Drop three Vitamin C tablets into the bowl, wait three hours, scrub and flush.

   4. Bleach

Pour half a cup of bleach into the bowl, wait three hours and flush. This method is not recommended if you have young children or animals. 

   5. Borax

Shake borax into the bowl, wait, then flush. 

Organic Cleaning

We use bio degradable cleaning materials, in order to keep you safe and healthy.