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...I like the way they use organic cleaning products made right here in Brooklyn...

Arlene, Brooklyn Heights
NYC organic cleaning

Organic Cleaning New York | NYC


Organic cleaning for today and tomorrow

NYC House Cleaners is proud to announce that we rely completely on the use of Green Depot organic cleaning products. Keeping your family, your pets and the environment safe and healthy is at the foundation of how we choose to run our company.  Our commitment to these 100% green products is proof of our dedication to our customers of today and tomorrow.  

Putting the power of green cleaning to work

We count on the 100% green cleaning solutions we use every day to deliver results far in excess of standard commercial cleaning products. We depend on these products to deliver the quality cleaning our customers expect without the use of harmful ingredients such as petrochemicals, toxins and bleaches. 

You can learn more about our Brooklyn-based suppliers of completely safe, Earth-friendly products at

Our use of green products is proof of our commitment to our customers and to our Earth itself. We are proud that we can make this contribution to the health and safety of us all. 

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Organic Cleaning

We use bio degradable cleaning materials, in order to keep you safe and healthy.